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-How it all started-

Match day 2019, two Californians found out they would be moving to Temple, Texas! My husband went to Medical School at Western University of Health Sciences in Pomona California. When interviewing for residencies we knew that we wanted a place that felt like home, was affordable, a place with hospitality, had outdoor adventures, friends that felt like family, and all whilst being close enough to a major city where we can get great food and experiences. Our dreams came true getting matched into Baylor Scott & White. We packed our life into a U-haul and moved to this small town in central Texas! Temple has not only given us amazing opportunities, such as being able to afford a perfect first home to start our family, but has given us a better understanding of what a great life we can have here, despite the hectic lifestyle of being a Resident in medicine. 
I know how difficult and overwhelming it can be to not only study for boards, interview, match, move and to start your career in a brand new place but that's why I chose to specialize in helping those in medicine. I want to help streamline the process of your move and make things a little easier, especially when moving from out of state. I am knowledgeable with Physician loans, I can show you the best places and things to do in the area or just be a friend in a new place!  and of course, help you find the perfect home for you and yours.

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