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Tips for moving with Pets

Packing, traveling, and moving into a new unknown place is scary and stressful for anyone, but especially for your pets. Moving can be extra stressful for our furry family members because they don’t really understand what’s going on. Their life as they knew it, uprooted and changed. They may even fear that you are going to abandon them.

I have created a couple tips for how to help your pet be less stressed when you make your move to a new home.

🐾 Prepare an over night bag• Have enough food, kitty litter, toys, medicine, water/food bowl, and an unwashed blanket with your smell & old homes smell on it. This will help comfort your pet in the new house that will be filled with unknown smells that can become very overwhelming.

🐾 Contact your vet• Make sure to get and take all past vet records with you for your new vet to have. Get a check up before your move so you can be confident your pet is healthy and able to withstand the stress. They may prescribe anxiety medication to help with the stress and give you more tips on how to safely take care of your pet during this time. Ask them if they can recommend a good vet in your new area.

🐾 Keep your pet away from the action and moving• This will prevent your pet from becoming more confused and stressed. They can feed off your emotions and if you are rushing/stressing/emotional they will feel that as well but not understand why. Keeping them in one room or in the back yard will distract them while you get the work done. You can also leave with a friend or a kennel for the day if the other option is not possible. Continue to feed and water at the usual times and never miss.

🐾 Introduce your pet to the new home one room at a time• avoid just letting your pet loose in the house right from the get go. It can become very overwhelming and stressful for this new large area and smells. Remember, they can see, smell, and feel things that we cannot, so they may become more stressed about the new place than we know. Start by whichever room you will be spending the most time in. Confine them in there with you while you unpack. Once you’ve noticed they’ve calmed down, move to the next.

I hope you, your family, and your furry friends transition into your new home happy and healthy.

I’m happy to help if you need a Realtor or to ask questions on how to move with pets effectively.


Happy Moving✨

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