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Is now the best time to sell your home?

Considering it’s 28 degrees outside today I thought it was the best time to make this post 🥶

The housing market is on fire 🔥 right now. If you’ve been thinking about selling your home, NOW is the time.

Home sales have been trending up for over a year now, and have been predicted to still raise over the next year. Slower than they have been but still a rise.

In the Bell County (Central Texas) Housing report the median price of homes is up 27.9% to $245,515 compared to January 2021. That means, the prices of the homes being listed are rising as well. They eventually will start to decline so why not get your home sold while it’s up?

In the month of January 2022 Bell County had 527 closed sales 😳 that’s up 35.5% from last year. This means there is a vast number of buyers ready to buy your home.

The time is now, take advantage of the rising market before it starts to drop.

If you are a buyer, don’t be discouraged. What goes up must come down. More homes will become available and the housing market will eventually become more accessible. There is also first time home buyer programs and other things available for you to leverage, for buying your first home.

Call me if you would like a free consultation on what your home might be worth in this market or if you need a buyers agent to help you navigate this crazy time.

254.856.3433 📞

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